What Are the Benefits of Using Managed IT Support in London?

Working with a company offering managed IT support in London can make your job easier, regardless of if you are an independent IT professional or if you manage your own business. By working with a managed IT services provider, you can gain access to the collective experience and expertise of the team that will work with you. This will allow you to focus on other areas to improve your business. Continue reading below for a list of the top benefits of working with an IT support London company.

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1. Less expensive than maintaining your own department

Having your own IT department is costly to maintain. You have to pay the employees for it and give them bonuses, insurance, and other benefits. The average compensation package for IT jobs in the UK is £47,500, which can quickly add up a lot when you hire multiple people for your IT department. Additionally, you’ll have to purchase IT equipment, both in terms of the hardware and the software that your company uses. Don’t forget that you also need to train your IT staff to make them familiar with the processes and software that your company employs – a process that takes a lot of time and effort.

All of these expenses can quickly add up and become a resource hog within your business. Thankfully, all of this can be avoided by working with a reliable managed IT services provider. Although you’ll have to pay them (of course), the cost will be significantly less compared to what you are expected to pay when maintaining an in-house department yourself. Additionally, an IT managed services provider will be able to consult you on all manners related to IT, like licensing software, training your staff, etc.

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2. Provide superb technical support for every user

Companies offering managed IT services in the UK have a good amount of experience and expertise in providing services that are specially tailored for your business. Their support teams will also have the required qualifications and training and enough experience to provide superb service to your business.

Choose a provider of managed IT support in London that offers 24/7 customer support so you won’t have to worry about technical issues becoming unresolved for hours, thus preventing potential downtimes.

3. Helps increase the security of your business

Managed IT support UK services such as Desktop as a Service, managed hosting, managed networks, and other similar services are prone to cyber-attacks and data leaks. A good managed IT services provider will assist you in patching up these risks, making sure that your cyber security is up to date. By working with a managed IT service company, you won’t have to worry about leaking trade secrets and other sensitive information.

4. Reduces risks to your business in general

Running any business carries certain risks that cannot be completely eliminated. New developing technologies, changes in governmental rules and regulations, as well as the overall financial state of your business, are all sources of risk. A managed IT services provider can help in mitigating these risks, especially if you are working with a company that has years of experience within your industry.

5. Can scale up or scale down your managed IT operations as needed

Another advantage of managed IT services is that you can upscale or downscale the services that you acquire, depending on your current needs. As an example, an email hosting service will need to be scaled up as more people contact your business using your company email. On the other hand, ‘Desktop as a Service’ might be scaled up or down, depending on the demands of your employees. More employees working from home or other remote locations will increase this demand, and vice versa.

If you want to hire an IT company to take advantage of managed IT support, check out UK IT Service. We are the leading IT company in London, with more than 20 years of experience under our belts. We have supported countless businesses in multiple sectors and industries, augmenting their IT departments and providing the best managed IT support services London-wide.

Some of the services that you can get include cyber security assistance, IT consultancy, server and email hosting, cloud services, and a 24/7 IT help desk which is complemented with on-site visits from our qualified technicians if necessary. View the full range of the IT products and services that we offer by going on the corresponding tabs on this website.

Get a free quote today regarding our services by getting in touch through our contact form at https://www.ukitservice.co.uk/contact-london-it-support/, or by calling us on 0203 034 1059. You can also send your concerns via our email address at hello@ukitservice.co.uk.


Are managed IT services worth it?

Yes, managed IT services in London are worth having, especially if you’re handling a small business with 25+ employees. A business of this size will need technical support, which you likely won’t be able to manage well with the other important business matters going on. Fortunately, most IT companies offer free consultations, allowing you to choose the perfect company.

What is managed IT support?

Managed IT support in London will allow your firm to outsource IT-related tasks to a third-party company through contracted or subscription services. These services can either lighten the workload of your in-house employees or fill the gap for the IT workload that your team cannot meet. You can even hire them to completely replace your in-house IT staff.

What does an IT managed service provider do?

A managed IT professional in London can provide a wide array of IT services, including support for the application, network, infrastructure, and security that your company utilises through ongoing and regular support. They can also conduct active administration through your data centre. In some cases, they may offer to do it through their data centre or from a third-party company.

How do I choose a managed service provider?

To choose the right managed service provider, it is best to consider some important factors, such as their services’ availability, response time, and speed of service, disaster recovery plan, budget plan, and the vendors that they are connected with. They should also provide on-site maintenance, support, and services like regular backups, cloud hosting, security testing, and monitoring.

Do I need managed IT support?

Businesses don’t necessarily need managed IT solutions in London, but getting it comes with many significant benefits. Any growing business will need to have an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure, and the best way to set everything up is through managed IT service. Hiring a managed IT firm also helps save costs and offers a good return on investment.

Why do I need IT support?

You will need an IT support service to ensure the security of the environment where you store your data. This service will ensure that only authorised personnel can access your company’s sensitive information. Without this support, your company data becomes at serious risk of a potential cyber-attack.

Pros and Cons of Managed IT Services for a Small Business


  • A managed IT service provider knows the best software and hardware to use for your business operations.
  • They don’t just fix issues. They can also help you avoid them.
  • IT firms can help you formulate a plan for what to do in case of a disruptive IT disaster.
  • The best IT firms like UK IT Service offer expert services for all sorts of IT services, making sure that your business is well-covered.


  • Some managed IT companies may only offer remote support. Thankfully, others like UK IT Service also offer on-site assistance when needed.
  • Hiring a reputable MSP service for a big business can be expensive. However, there are many companies offering quality services at highly reasonable rates.
  • Many IT managed service providers don’t provide services other than the initial list of tasks. For this reason, it’s important to look for a company that goes beyond what is expected of them.

Advantages of Using Managed IT Services

Acquiring a managed IT service will be worth it because you are guaranteed to work with specialists in the field. Because of this, you can be sure that they can render the necessary IT services more efficiently.

A managed IT service can also come in handy if you require 24/7 support. Hiring a company that offers 24/7 services ensures that your business will get a prompt response to any problems that may occur outside of the usual working hours.

It is also good to note that businesses in the UK are required to follow certain rules when it comes to using technology. Hiring a managed IT support provider can help you ensure that your business is fully compliant with all the necessary regulations.

Lastly, most managed IT service providers offer fixed price services based on the assessment that they will make. This will allow you to plan your budget more effectively.

Things to Ask to an IT Support Provider Before Hiring One

There are plenty of choices for IT support companies in London, and each one is different. So, if you wish to hire the right provider, make sure to ask about the following things before hiring:

  • The different packages that they can offer to you
  • Regular maintenance tasks that you can benefit from
  • On-site and remote tasks that they will perform

Reasons Why IT Support Services Will Drive Future Growth

Currently, business owners heavily rely on IT support services to operate their businesses continuously and effectively. In fact, as it accounts for 80% of economic productivity, the IT sector is playing the most important role in the UK economy.

The IT support services in the country are expected to grow at a rate of 3.5% in the next three years. With customers now focusing more on service performance, as-a-service models are now being heavily utilised to guarantee results. This cements a clear future in the growth of the IT support services in the country.

Having reliable IT infrastructure is a must to maintain an effective business operation. The good news is that UK IT Service - IT Support London can provide you with the support needed to make your IT infrastructure more efficient and reliable.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today, and let’s discuss the right IT support that your business needs.


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