Ad-Hoc IT Support in London

Our London based IT service engineers available on an ad-hoc basis. Onsite and remote IT support for all your IT needs.

Our Ad-Hoc IT Support plan is designed for businesses who require IT services on a case-by-case basis. Give us a call when you need IT Support and we will deal with any issues.  Our helpdesk will decide on most suitable solution and will deal with any issues either remotely or by dispatching a field engineer to your location.

As we have a team of engineers in and around London, a member of our onsite IT support team is never far away, ensuring fast response times when you need us. 

This is particularly important when there are crucial issues that could have an impact on your business operations. 

We’ll even attend to your business at night or on weekends if necessary at no extra cost. 

Ad-Hoc Remote IT Support is the easiest way to support your business for minor faults and quick-fixes. Our London-based 24/7 Help-desk is on constant standby to help you and your teams whenever we are needed.

All Ad-Hoc IT Support plans include the following as standard:

  • A friendly dedicated team of IT professionals that deal with all your IT matters.
  • A senior-level team of IT experts, who will be looking & overseeing all your business IT.
  • Guidance and advice selecting the right tools for your business and budget.
  • Vendors neutral procurement services and advice.

Sign-up for our Ad-Hoc IT Support Service and get:

Director-Led Service

All our services, including our Ad-Hoc IT support service, are personally managed by at least one of our IT directors. Our hands-on approach ensures you get the best service possible with the shortest response time.

Flat Rate Tariff

A flat rate means that you get highly-skilled engineers whenever they’re needed saving you unexpected costs. No matter what time or what day of the week - we will always provide onsite & remote IT engineers at the same flat rate.

Scalability and Agility

As your business grows and scales, your needs may change. We are agile and quick to respond to your needs. With the challenges of a scaling business, you'll have the flexibility of a dynamic IT department that ensures you're building on solid foundations.

Remote/Onsite Support

Contact your dedicated Ad-Hoc IT Support team  any day, any time, and log a call for any related IT matter. Our friendly Helpdesk engineers will start working on your call and either resolve it remotely there and then or dispatch an engineer to visit your office to have a closer look.

Get in touch

UK IT Service - IT Support London
7 Stean Street, London, E8 4ED

Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Support Cover:

Phone Number:
020 3034 1059
UK IT Service - IT Support London | 7 Stean Street, London, E8 4ED, United Kingdom | 020 3034 1059
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