Dedicated IT Director

Get a dedicated IT Director to be part of your business' board and manage and overlook your team/s of in-house engineers, all for less than a cost of a mid-level IT staff member.

Combining our experience with proven IT best practice in your industry means we can manage IT budgets, plan and deliver technology projects and build an IT roadmap for your business that will keep your business productive and cost-efficient.

UK IT Service’s directors have over 60 years’ combined IT industry knowledge and experience, and are already on the board of many of our London clients.

Depending on your business's size and needs we can allocate a dedicated IT Director or Manager to be part of your board and manage and overlook your team of in-house engineers, all for less than a cost of a mid-level IT staff member.

Sign-up for our IT Consultancy Service and get:

IT Systems Audit

As a first step for hiring our IT Director, we will carry out some onsite visits at your offices and get a better understanding of your IT systems and business in general. This is a crucial step for building an IT roadmap, IT budget setting and projects.

IT Roadmap

We'll help your business get its competitive advantage by designing your IT Roadmap.  A strategic-level plan for IT initiatives at your organisation can include migrating to a new cloud system or upgrading the organisation to a new enterprise software platform.

IT Budget Planning

Our directors share a vast amount of knowledge  and experience which they use to help plan and carry out your business's IT budget. They'll help keep costs down and under control, without any financial surprises that can put your business at financial risk.  

Projects Management

Our experienced IT managers can help with plan, build and support your IT projects, big or small.
With a great variety of IT projects under our belt, our IT managers have the right knowledge and experience to make your next IT project a success.

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