Unlimited 24/7 Onsite IT Support in London

London based IT engineers are always available to visit your offices and help with all your IT needs.

A team of dedicated IT engineers will visit your offices whenever and wherever you need them.  As we have a good footprint of engineers in and around London, a member of our field IT support team is never far away, ensuring fast response times when you need us. 

This is particularly important when there are crucial issues that could have an impact on your business operation. At times where all IT systems are fully operational, we deploy our engineers to your premises and ensure all systems are maintained to the highest standards in order to avoid issues from happening in the first place.

We’ll even attend to your business at night or on weekends if necessary at no extra cost. 


Our London based on-site IT support solutions can be delivered in several ways:

  • Unlimited Ongoing On-site Support (with standard and critical SLA’s)
  • Pay As You Go / Ad Hoc On-site Support
  • Recurring Scheduled On-site Maintenance visits 

Sign-up for our Unlimited 24/7 Onsite IT Service and get:

Director-Led Service

All our services, including our onsite support service, are personally managed by at least one of our IT directors. Our hands-on approach ensures you get the best service possible with the shortest response time.

Flat Rate Tariff

A flat rate means that you get highly-skilled engineers whenever they’re needed, saving you unexpected
costs - no matter the time or day of the week. Whether it's an experienced engineer or a specialist, we will
always provide onsite IT engineers at the same flat rate.

Unlimited Onsite Support

There’s no time-cap or limits when you sign up to Onsite IT support cover. Just contact our dedicated team and they’ll be on their way to you.
The Onsite Support cover includes maintenance cover for all your business’s IT systems and is 100% unlimited.

24/7 Onsite Support

Being a 24/7 IT support provider, we’ll despatch our experienced engineers to your premises whenever
they’re needed, even if it’s late at night or on the weekend. If your business operates round-the-clock or you need a seamless approach for managing your IT systems, ask about our 24/7 IT support.

Get in touch

UK IT Service - IT Support London
7 Stean Street, London, E8 4ED

Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Support Cover:

Phone Number:
020 3034 1059
UK IT Service - IT Support London | 7 Stean Street, London, E8 4ED, United Kingdom | 020 3034 1059
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