The Benefits of IT Support Services for London Companies

Managing the growth cycles of your business becomes a struggle once you have reached a certain scale. Replacing a few workstations or adding a server may be fine if your workforce is less than ten people only, but once you exceed that number, the level of effort and associated costs can escalate quickly. Finding an IT support service provider to manage your digital infrastructure will alleviate the daily headaches and process delays that legacy systems can bring with them. For London based companies, many benefits come with deciding to move to an IT support service provider with a local footprint. A good, London based IT support company will ensure your business can capitalise on new opportunities and grow without disruption or delay.


The 3 Primary Benefits of Moving to IT Support Services in London

If you have ever walked into the office on a Monday morning to discover the network is down and IT is working on it, you will know how detrimental a small system failure can be for office productivity. Staff will mill around, waiting for emails or prints while the IT experts study logs to try to determine the cause of the issue. It could quickly end up costing the office an entire day. 

As the impact of a system failure can lead to a massive loss in revenue without decreasing the company overhead, if you are still relying on a team of in-house resources to manage your IT system you are exposing your business to mitigable risks. Technology should be speeding up your process, not impeding the efficiency of your staff. Deciding to outsource some or all of your IT system requirements not only reduces risks, it includes many other daily benefits for operations. 

1. Saving on IT Related Costs

With traditional hardware systems, companies will regularly experience digital lag, as the cost for a system upgrade requires a considerable investment. A Managed IT Service provider can reduce costs by using virtualized, hosted environments that operate more reliably and run on the latest technologies.

The amount of resources the company pays for depends on the consumption, meaning there is no need to spend money on future forecasted IT requirements. You should also be able to reduce the need for constantly upgrading your hardware, as your hardware will connect to remote desktop computers and Virtual Private Servers. The cost of IT services in London depends on your business’ actual needs, bringing large-scale expenses down to a single fee for all your IT support in London. 

IT support services in London usually include:

  • Managed and Hosted Email Services
  • Virtual and Remote Hosted Desktops
  • Cloud Managed Virtual Private Servers
  • Offsite Backups of all Company Data

By moving to a Managed IT Services company, staff can focus on their core duties and IT personnel can work on more strategic initiatives within the organization. With the new cost savings, owners and managers can direct more funds towards investments that grow the business rather than acquiring new digital infrastructure. 

IT Support for Companies in London

Save on IT related costs when outsourcing your IT to a London based IT Support company.


2. Improved Information Security

Modern threats and exploits evolve daily and keeping up with bad actors require the latest expertise and a persistent effort. Many different variants of ransomware attacks exist, and in 2018, UK businesses faced an average of 38 attempts every day. 

A successful ransomware attack can cripple any business, as the malicious code encrypts all the information in the system and you can only recover the data after paying a ransom. Usually, the attacker will request payment in the form of an untraceable cryptocurrency. To get into the system, bad actors use phishing and social engineering techniques that entice unwitting employees to click on a link from an email or website. 

With a Managed IT cybersecurity partner, experts monitor the network and regularly conduct end-point scanning to ensure the safety of the network. Additionally, you do not have to rely on an internal resource to stay ahead of the latest threat definitions, as the service provider will ensure the catalogues are up to date. 

Your IT Support’s Cybersecurity solutions should include:

  • Cybersecurity Audits
  • Employee Awareness and Training
  • Expertise with Dedicated Security Professionals
  • Detecting Fake Identities

Notwithstanding the above, the rising cost of information security compliance also poses a risk to London businesses. Current and future regulations require companies to protect customer information with multiple controls and demonstrate the efficacy of the security protocols. With a Managed Cybersecurity Service, companies can ensure data remains protected without needing a dedicated compliance department. 

IT Support for London companies

Let the professionals monitor and manage your business's security and keep your business safe.


3. Business Continuity and Data Recovery

When things do go wrong, access to 24/7 remote support or onsite emergency recovery teams will ensure limited downtimes and reduce the effort required to recover from a fault. With a virtualized environment, the company can “go back in time” to recover individual files or entire systems. The costs associated with data-loss can run quite high, with many hours of rework required in a worst-case scenario.

A good London based IT support company should provide:

  • Unlimited 24/7 Helpdesk or Onsite Support
  • Fully outsourced IT Department
  • Additional Support for your In-House IT Teams
  • Cloud Setup, Maintenance and Security Services

As technology continues to change the way we interact with information systems, companies need a sustainable strategy that benefits the organization. The solution provider should also reduce the company’s exposure to the latest risks.

Your outsourced IT department will help your business recover your data and keep your business running.


Reduce Costs and Improve Security with one of the Best IT Companies in London

UK IT Service has provided London companies with dedicated managed IT services and support for over twenty years. For organizations with teams between 10 and 100 users, UK IT Service offers flexible packages that will reduce the total costs and improve the office’s productivity. Our hosted services make use of the latest Tier-3 datacentres, ensuring both system availability and enhanced information security. 

To start your journey towards a sustainable digital transformation strategy, speak to one of UK IT Service’s expert consultants today. 


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