Managed Hosted Desktops

Many businesses migrate their desktops from a physical environment to a virtual one. Our desktop virtualisation service for London based companies is not only more secure, reliable and flexible, but it's always fully managed by us, which means your workflow is uninterrupted.

Migrate your business’s desktops to our state-of-the-art cloud environment and get a fast, secure and reliable experience like never before. All our UK based Data Centres are ISO 27001 accredited Tier-3 Data Centres, which is the highest tier level available in the UK. We build our virtual environment around PCI compliance and guidelines and Cyber Security in mind. That means that your virtual desktop is safe and secure with us.

Sign-up for our Managed Hosted Desktops Service and get:

Always On

We know your desktop is where you access all your software and data on daily basis, and that it's crucial for you to have it available at all times, so we've built our hosted desktop platform in such a way that ensures high availability and 'always ON' access from anywhere in the world.

Disaster Proof

Accidentally deleted a file? forgot to save your presentation? don't worry, with our hosted desktop solution you can always 'go back in time'. We keep a full copy of all your data so can always bring it back in case it was deleted or changed accidentally.

Fast & Responsive

Our hosted desktop platform is running off a state of the art facility, located at a UK data centre, which means your hosted desktop will be as responsive and as fast as it can get.

Safe & Secure Desktop

Our hosted desktop platform comes with built-in security features, which ensures your desktop is protected against cyber threats. All our hosted desktop packages come with built-in Firewall protection.

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