Dedicated engineers will visit your offices, any day, any time that works best for you, and will carry out any IT related work your business may need. 

We can meet standard and critical SLA’s to meet your business needs when it comes to sending one of our highly trained engineers to your offices. We can send our friendly engineers on a per-call basis or even set a recurring visit to insure a smooth operation of your business and processes.


Sign-up for our Unlimited 24×7 Onsite Service and get:

IT support for overseas businesses IT support for London businesses IT consultancy


Unlimited Onsite Support

There’s no time-cap or limits when you sign up to Onsite Support cover. Just contact our dedicated team and they can be on their way to your office in matter of minutes.

The Onsite Support cover includes maintenance cover for all your business’s IT systems and is 100% unlimited.



24×7 Onsite Support

24×7 Onsite Support cover comes as a standard for anyone who sign’s up for our Onsite Support service. Contact our dedicated team any day, any time and our friendly professionals can be on their way to your offices to help you with your onsite related faults.


Incredibly Agile Service

Being independently owned and not having layers of management means we are able to respond quicker than most of the competition. We think this is essential for busy professionals who want things done quickly. Having a central London office helps with that too!


Our Excellent Team 

From the minute they begin their career at UK IT Service, we strive to support our engineers to grow both professionally and personally; funding highest industry standard qualifications, providing regular training, and ongoing coaching. We think you’ll be impressed.


We work when it’s most convenient for you

We believe our clients pay us to avoid disruption, not to cause it. That’s why we are 24x7x365 and work when it’s most convenient for you, not for us. If carrying out maintenance or upgrades during the day will negatively impact your business then we’ll do it at night or at the weekend.


We speak your language

We know that most people don’t speak ‘techy’ so our team speak Plain English … or Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian or Hebrew! We recognise a multinational workforce needs a multinational support team so wherever you or your staff are from, the chances are we will speak your language, and never techy!