Directly contact our friendly UK based Helpdesk team and they will assist with all your IT needs. 

Whether your printer stopped working or your entire IT systems are down, you’ll always have a single point of contact to address all your IT faults. Contact our friendly Helpdesk professionals, any day, any time and they will be there for you.


Sign-up for our Unlimited 24×7 Helpdesk Service and get:

IT support for overseas businesses IT support for London businesses IT consultancy


Unlimited Remote Support

There’s no time-cap or limits when contacting our Helpdesk. Just contact our dedicated Helpdesk team and they can be working on your issue remotely in a matter of minutes.

You will be able to open as many support calls as you need, for any of your IT related faults, no restrictions or limits.



24×7 Remote Support

24×7 Support Cover comes as a standard for anyone who sign’s up for our Helpdesk Service. Contact our Helpdesk any day, any time and our dedicated professionals will be there to respond to your call and to help you with your request.


 Great Service

We are on a mission to exceed our customer’s expectations. We go the extra mile to make sure all our clients are happy, and they are; we maintain an average 98% customer satisfaction rating on the calls that come through our UK based Helpdesk.


 No “Account Managers” 

When we started in 1999 it was just our two Managing Partners rolling up their sleeves, carrying out the work themselves and building strong relationships. We have a much bigger team now but our Partners have retained high-level management of all clients, which means you get director-level support and consultancy always.


We work when it’s most convenient for you

We believe our clients pay us to avoid disruption, not to cause it. That’s why we are 24x7x365 and work when it’s most convenient for you, not for us. If carrying out maintenance or upgrades during the day will negatively impact your business then we’ll do it at night or at the weekend.


We speak your language

We know that most people don’t speak ‘techy’ so our team speak Plain English … or Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian or Hebrew! We recognise a multinational workforce needs a multinational support team so wherever you or your staff are from, the chances are we will speak your language, and never techy!