UK IT Service provides 24×7 IT support for growing businesses in London. Here are just five of the ways we are helping SMEs in London to achieve growth by taking the hassle out of their IT.

1. Excellent customer service.

Our London-based IT help desk and engineers are committed to going the extra mile to keep your business running smoothly. They do this by responding quickly by phone, online or on site, speaking Plain English, and spotting and solving problems before they become an issue for you or your team.

We are proud to have sustained an average 98% customer satisfaction rating since 2016.

2. Unlimited, flexible support.

We believe our clients pay us to avoid disruption, not to cause it. Our London office means we can get to you quickly and we’ll do our work when it’s most convenient for your business.

If carrying out maintenance or upgrades during the day will inhibit your productivity we’ll do it at night or at the weekend. Not only will we work when it’s most convenient for you but we do it at no extra charge.

3. Senior level IT expertise without the overheads of an employee.

A contract with UK IT Service means you get the direct, expert advice and oversight of an experienced IT Director for less than the price of an in-house IT Manager.

You can focus on your business reassured that your UK IT Service Company Director will personally oversee your IT systems and support. We also offer twice-yearly consultations, at no extra cost, which can cover anything from updates on technical requirements or legislation, to IT roadmapping keeping your business ahead of the curve.

4. No hard sell.

Unlike many IT Service Providers, we don’t want to sell computer hardware to you for commission but we can advise you on the most appropriate tool for the job. Then we can source it for you or tell you where you get the best price for it, saving you time and money.

5. You can try us for free.

If you are thinking of outsourcing your IT Support or changing your IT services provider, we will give you a day’s worth of IT consultancy completely free. No strings attached.
Depending on the size and length of your IT support contract with us, we may also offer free on-boarding and the first month for free if you’re signing for 12 months or more.