Outsourced IT Support in London

Our London-based team of engineers act as your IT department at a lower cost than hiring a single mid-level IT engineer.

Outsourcing your IT department will not only save you money, but will also allow you to focus on your core business. This will free you from managing an in-house IT team, or paying an IT Manager/Director a big salary to do that job for you.

Outsource your IT department to us and you'll enjoy:

  • A friendly and dedicated team of IT professionals that deal with all your IT matters for you.
  • A senior-level team of IT experts who will oversee your business IT.
  • Regular meetings with one of our directors to get constant feedback on your needs and how we respond to them.
  • IT roadmap and financial IT predictability.
  • Guidance and advice on selecting the right tools for your business and budget.
  • Vendor-neutral procurement services.

Depending on your current business size, your needs and service requirements, you may also enjoy our free onboarding service which means it will not cost you a penny to migrate your IT to us.

Sign-up for our Fully Outsourced IT Department Service and get:

Unlimited Remote/Onsite Support

There’s no time-cap or limits when you sign up to our fully outsourced IT department. Just contact our dedicated team and they can respond online, by phone or by jumping on the tube to your office to assist with all your IT issues. This service is 100% unlimited.

24/7 Remote/Onsite Support

Contact your outsourced IT department any day, any time, and log a call for any related IT matter. Our friendly Service Desk engineers will start working on your call and either resolve it remotely there and then or despatch an engineer to visit your office to have a closer look.

Proactive Support

One of the most important roles we play as your outsourced IT department is to ensure your business has minimal faults. We always work behind the scenes to anticipate any IT faults. Having a proactive approach allows us to deal with issues before they happen.

Scalability and Agility

As your business grows and scales, your needs may change. We are agile and quick to respond to your needs. With the challenges of a growing business, you'll have the flexibility of a dynamic IT department that ensures you're building on solid foundations.

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UK IT SERVICE | 7 Stean Street, London, E8 4ED, United Kingdom | 020 3034 1059
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