UKIT VoIP Phone Services in London

VoIP Phone Services

“We can connect ANYBODY to EVERYBODY”

Do you want a flexible, versatile, scalable and reliable telephone system – without all the clutter or cost that goes with it?

Our VOIP service is easy to set up, with no need for installation at your offices or any complicated phone system software to get to grips with. What]s more, we can customise your VOIP telecommunications solution to your exact requirements, whether you’re a single person SOHO office or a global multinational with multiple offices.


Fast set up

Once we create your account, your VOIP system is very straightforward to set up in a few simple steps. You can manage and control all your phone system’s features and functionality intuitively and easily via your browser.


Easy management

Despite its cutting edge, sophisticated technology, your VOIP phone system settings can be controlled easily either centrally or by each member of staff via a web-based user log-in. New users can be added at any time.


Range of features

Our VOIP SIP system has all the advantages of VOIP with a huge range of benefits:

  • Call forwarding: Send incoming calls to any local, national, international, Skype or mobile number with advanced call forwarding
  • Call recording: Record all calls, both incoming and outgoing
  • Conferencing: Hold conference calls for as many users as you want
  • Voice mail: Customise your personal voice mail message and features and forward messages to email as an audio attachment
  • Virtual reception: Greet callers with a recorded message and direct them to the department they need
  • Music-On Hold: Customise what you want callers to hear as they wait for call pick-up, including promotional messages


How it works

VOIP stands for Voice Over IP (internet protocol) and is a telecommunications solution for transferring voice data quickly across the Internet.

Just decide how many VOIP users you want in your office and order the required number of VOIP handsets. Once connected to your office network, you’re away.


Benefits of UK IT’s VOIP Solutions

The main benefits of VOIP for businesses are that it is very low cost, flexible, easily scalable and feature rich.

UK IT’s VOIP solution is ideal for connecting all branches of your business locally, nationally and internationally – wherever they may be – to one main switchboard. No cables, no hardware. In addition:

  • All calls between branches are free
  • All calls between employee’s mobiles are free
  • Call forwarding from branch to branch and all private mobile numbers are free (Smartphone needed)
  • Join conference calls easily from every branch
  • Integrates with existing switchboards that support SIP, IAX or custom trunking like Panasonic, Avaya, Asterisk
  • Local and world-wide access numbers. Pick as many channels as you require, all on a monthly basis, no obligation
  • Send incoming calls to a single or multi-step IVR (recording system) and save time and money

Call us now to discuss your VOIP requirements on 020 3355 4939. Or contact us using our instant quote request form.

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