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Seamlessly integrate your separate business systems

UK IT Service supplies a tried, tested and widely deployed ERP system called Priority from our partner Infobase. We also offer expert ERP System implementation and consultancy services.

If your current departmental or operational systems are paper-based, or if you use several separate, standalone software systems across your business operations, we can help.

We work with clients from most industry sectors and can develop solutions to meet specific departmental or operational requirements from Business Intelligence through Purchasing, CRM, Manufacturing, Finance and HR.

What modules are available in the Priority ERP System?

The possibilities offered by the Priority ERP software systems are almost limitless. Common system applications we work with include the following – though others are available:

  • Business Intelligence: Role-tailored dashboards, KPI monitoring, reporting tools
  • Business Process Management: Automated flow reporting and analysis tools
  • Finance: Accounts, billing and payments, statements, consolidation and reporting; compliance, cash flow forecasting, modelling and analysis, transaction tracking and order processing
  • Purchasing: Vendor approval, management and price lists, purchase order requisition, management and analysis dashboards
  • CRM: Sales forecasting, lead management, quote generation, order tracking, account management
  • Customer Service & Support: Contract management, support calendars and scheduling, call centre web/IVR systems, incident tracking, escalation and notifications, QOS tracking
  • Inventory Control: Catalogue management, bills of materials, inventory tracking, warehouse location control, stock re-order management, warehouse management system integration
  • Human Resources: Recruitment, personnel data management, organisational charts, job descriptions, attendance tracking, expense reporting
  • Warehouse Management: Picking, replenishment and putaway systems, data management modules, bin and pallet management, inventory tracking and documentation management

How will UK IT Service manage your Priority ERP implementation?

UK IT offers a range of professional services to complement your Priority ERP system development.

System Review and Analysis

To begin with, you may want to review your existing systems and processes. This will ensure that your business requirements are identified, analysed and captured – and that whatever shape your ERP system implementation takes, it will address your current and anticipated ERP needs.

Implementation and configuration

The aim of your ERP System is to automate as much as possible and improve your business productivity. So we will work with you to understand your current and desired processes, then use Priority’s inbuilt Business Process Management tools to map processes and enforce business rules.

Data Migration

Once we know which systems are going to be implemented, we will help you migrate your existing data to the Priority platform. We will minimize the risk of data loss as well as the threats to your data integrity. Our priority is to work closely with you to migrate your data quickly and effectively and to get you up and running with minimal disruption.


All businesses are unique, so your Priority ERP Solution may need to be customised to meet a particular requirement or business practice that is specific to you. We will help you define, scope and document the requirement and, if required, will tailor a specific development to meet it.


Once deployed, you’ll want to make sure you maximise your investment in your new ERP System by training your staff to use it properly. We offer a range of training options including on-site individual training, class-room courses and remote e-learning options.

Professional/Technical Support

Our aim is to form a long term relationship with you by providing the ongoing support you need for your new ERP System. During the implementation we will have developed a detailed understanding of your business processes and needs, so will be in an excellent position to advise on new features and advantages that come with product upgrades.

We can help you plan the best and most effective use of your new Priority ERP System now and into the future for best performance.

Call us now to discuss your ERP requirements on 020 3355 4939. Or contact us using our instant quote request form.

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