IT Support Services, VoIP / Phone and Cloud Systems in London

All Your IT Needs.


As your company’s IT systems and requirements evolve, you may need to update your hardware and software or source brand new systems.

From your most fundamental needs such as cabling or telephone systems to more complex ERP systems and software applications, UK IT Service can supply, install and support all your IT infrastructure.

Sourcing the key components of your company’s IT infrastructure requires a planned, strategic approach. The benefits of this will be:

  • Avoidance of cost compatibility issues
  • Scalability for future needs
  • Keeping IT costs under control
  • Reliable and dependable IT services.

Here at UK IT Service, we can put our extensive knowledge and experience to good use to ensure that your business has a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure from top to bottom including the following:

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) systems – connect anybody to everybody
  • ERP systems – integrate your separate business information systems
  • Hardware and software – reliable and co-ordinated infrastructure sourcing and supply
  • Structured Cabling – all assessment, design and installation of cabling systems

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