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Online Data Backup

The value of your business data cannot be over-estimated. Any company that has suffered a loss or theft of its data knows about the catastrophic disruption it can cause.

UK IT’s online data backup and restore solution will protect your critical business data from accidental loss, theft and corruption. It will replicate and update your data to remote secure servers according to a schedule agreed with you.

It’s a solution which is suitable for any size of business in any sector.

What are the benefits of UK IT’s Online Data Backup service?


Pay-as-you go with no minimum commitment and a simple pricing model based on a per computer or per server license and the amount of data you want to back up.


The amount of data we all use increases all the time. So when it comes to back up, you need a solution that isn’t limited by physical space. As your needs change, simply increase your allowance instantly.

Prevents Data Loss

With hard drive crashes, worms, viruses, fire, theft, loss or accidental deletion all posing risks to the safety and integrity of your data, you need to be able to depend on restoring your data in the event of the unexpected.

Simple And Straightforward

As with all UK IT’s services, our aim is to make the service we deliver easy and simple – so you can get on with running your business. Our Online Data Backup service is no different.


The key to successful backup, storage and restore services is security. Our solutions use the latest data encryption techniques at all stages of the backup and restore process, so your critical business data is never compromised.


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