UKIT Hosted Email and Exchange Services in London

Hosted Email and Exchange

With Email and Hosted Exchange you’ll receive a complete email service. It will help your business communicate efficiently and cost-effectively without the need for your own dedicated Microsoft Exchange server.

Using Microsoft Office Outlook, your users will receive reliable email services for use in the office, on the go, remotely and when working from home.

The benefit to your business is a reliable and scalable email service, predictable monthly costs and significantly lower cost of ownership for your messaging needs.

What are the benefits of UK IT’s Hosted Exchange services?

Cost effective low fees

With prices based on a per user per month model, you’ll be able to predict your monthly costs based on the number of employees that use the service. There’s no minimum number of employees and no maximum so it’s perfect for virtually any organisation.


Our monthly fees mean you can add or remove users as your business needs require, as and when you need them. If a member of your team leaves, simply cease their account.

Latest Technology

Your employees will benefit from the latest enterprise technology without the capital investment requirement that goes with it. As upgrades, updates and new releases come out, you’ll benefit immediately without the need for additional IT budget.


Because of our guaranteed uptime, redundant systems, and UPS systems, you’ll benefit from outstanding email system reliability, but with none of the support or management issues of an in-house solution.


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